Mulch – Why and How Much?

As you already know, mulch is simply material placed over a soil surface for multiple reasons. But what are these reasons? Why pay money just to have something cover your soil? According to the Mulch Masters, the benefits of proper mulching are numerous. Mulch helps maintain soil moisture which reduces the need to water plants [...]

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General Information on Lawn Mowing

Many individuals that maintain their own yards and landscaping are not truly aware of the correct timing and length at which to mow their grass. This information is especially important as it is now lawn mowing season and nobody wants to have the ugly lawn of the neighborhood. Below is a summary of the different [...]

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Nightscapes: what are they?

Nightscapes are an effective way to pick out details around your home or business and obscure other details through the use of light. Nightscapes essentially make a portion of your home or business shine in the night hours. They are very effective to highlight certain portions of your home or business. Whether it be the [...]

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May Landscape Checklist

Spring is officially here in the Midwestern area, and it is important to keep up to date on all of your landscaping needs. Whether it be around the house or at work, there are always projects that can be done to make the look of your home or business more attractive. This is important in scenarios such [...]

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Seasonal News

Hanson Landscape knows you care about your property. We are here to help you stay informed about the latest and greatest in all things landscaping with our Seasonal News blog. Enjoy!

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