Many individuals that maintain their own yards and landscaping are not truly aware of the correct timing and length at which to mow their grass. This information is especially important as it is now lawn mowing season and nobody wants to have the ugly lawn of the neighborhood. Below is a summary of the different aspects of your lawn to consider when deciding how often and what length to mow your lawn at.

Timing: It is recommended that a lawn gets mowed every 4-10 days depending on factors such as the type of grass and the amount of rainfall received in the time between mows. Since most individuals that take care of their lawns generally have to mow on the weekends due to their schedules, it is important that they mow the lawn in this time frame to keep their yard healthy and good looking.

Length: It is recommended that in the summer, grass is kept at 2 to 3 inches to minimize heat damage on the grass. It is general rule of thumb to cut about one third of the length of final desired height of the grass. For example, if your grass is four inches high, you will want to cut an inch off when mowing which is a third of the final measurement of three inches. Removing more than a third may cause the lawn to become thin which could lead to multiple problems down the road such as poor appearance and disease.

General tips: Avoid mowing the grass when it is wet and also avoid mowing when you have dull mower blades because these things result in a poor looking cut. If your lawn mowing schedule gets away from you, mow more frequently while slightly decreasing the height each time to bring the grass back under control.

For more information, here is a link to an article going more in depth on each of these points. Also, if you do not have the time to mow your lawn regularly, consider giving Hanson Landscape a call at (630) 556-4120 today.