How to Choose a Landscaper

It is no question that having an appealing landscaping design adds value to any property as well as draws attention. Whether it is a landscape design project such as a garden, patio, water features or if it is simply hiring a company to take care of landscape maintenance, hiring the correct landscaping company is an absolute must. Due to the positive or negative effects that any landscaping project can have on the value of a property, finding a trusted and reliable landscaping company is ideal. In any situation that involves choosing a landscaping company, there are a few simple steps that can help you find the correct choice for your needs. Below is an overview of how to choose a landscaper.

1. Research a number of companies.

There is no doubting that there will be numerous landscaping companies in your area. However, there are certain researching techniques that separate the good from the bad. One obvious area in which to look is through the internet. There are many options through which to research a company on the internet whether you are looking for ratings of the company or general information on the company. Here are some general steps to follow when researching a company on the internet.

  • Visit the “About Us” or a page similar to this to learn about the owners of the company as well as gain some background of the company
  • Find out how many years the company has been in business, languages they offer, contact information and times to reach them
  • Find what associations or affiliations the company has, such as the Better Business Bureau, PLANET, or other associations
  • Look for certifications and whether or not they are insured
  • If they have a portfolio, go through it and look for the type of work you want performed

In addition to researching a company online, there are other ways in which to research a company. One excellent way is through referrals and ratings. If you are aware of anybody who has had work done through a company, a referral through that person is a great reference point. Seek out multiple referrals to get a full overview of the company and the work they perform. Online ratings and reviews are also a quick and effective way to view opinions on some of the work a landscaping company has done. A few good sites to look for these ratings and reviews are Google, Yelp, Facebook or other social media sites.

2. Know your budget and services needed.

What types of services are you looking for? There is a big difference between needing some residential landscape work done as opposed to signing a contract for landscape maintenance in a commercial setting. It is reasoning like this that proves that you need to know what you want done and why you want it done. Along with this information, you should also know a general budget that you wish to follow. It is likely that the estimates you receive will be higher than what you expect, so having a range of values helps in selecting the correct landscaping company.

3. Know the timeline of work and be involved.

Depending on the services you choose, the time that a landscaping company will take to complete a project varies. It will take a company much longer to complete services such as a water feature or lighting features than it will to simply put some pavers in. In either case of hiring a landscaper for a landscape design project or a landscape maintenance contract, you should be involved in the work that the company is performing. Keeping up to date with the work the company is performing and making sure the work is done the way you want it to look is essential.

how to choose a landscaper

In any case, choosing a landscaper that fits your needs is an absolutely important step for any landscaping project you may have. We hope these steps help you in figuring out how to choose a landscaper for you next project!