To go along with our recent postings for snow removal this winter, it would be good to give some insight towards the typical Chicago snowfall numbers. According to the National Weather Service, the last few winters have had snowfall amounts as follows:

2007-2008    60.3″

2008-2009    52.7″

2009-2010    54.2″

2010-2011     57.9″

2011-2012     19.8″

Besides the irregular snowfall of last winter, it is clear to see that Chicago and the surrounding area tends to have snowfall amounts near the 55″ number. Going further into the topic, assuming that Chicago doesn’t have another irregular winter, the Chicago snowfall numbers this winter  should look more like the previous years. This winter, Chicago is part of the weak El Nino which generates a chill towards the north. This also allows for moisture which fuels winter storms. That being said, we are looking forward to a great winter with our snow and ice removal services! If you have any needs, give us a call or email today.