As you already know, mulch is simply material placed over a soil surface for multiple reasons. But what are these reasons? Why pay money just to have something cover your soil? According to the Mulch Masters, the benefits of proper mulching are numerous. Mulch helps maintain soil moisture which reduces the need to water plants and trees and also helps fight off the germination of weeds while also serving as a type of insulation. It keeps soil warm in the winter and cool in the summer for ideal growing conditions.

Depending on the  type of mulch that is being used, it can improve soil aeration, soil fertility, and reduce the likelihood of plant disease. Additionally, mulch helps prevent weed whacker and lawn mower damage to soil and plants as it surrounds and covers these things. Adding onto these benefits, mulch gives a visual benefit to users as well. Mulch gives a well groomed and maintained look to a landscape setting.

When applying mulch, it is important to use the correct amount as it could be harmful if too much is used. The amount that is generally recommended to apply is 2 to 4 inches. Applying too much mulch can lead to an excessive amount of moisture. It can also create habitats for rodents, prevent penetration of water and air and may actually support weed growth. If your business or home needs mulching and you have any questions or want a professional service, don’t hesitate to contact us!