Below is a description of Project Armor Up 2013 given through the Kane County SWAT Team. Our affiliate company, Global Priority Cleanup, is helping to host the fundraising event to repair their newly acquired, but damaged SWAT vehicle. Please consider helping out the SWAT Team through a donation of any kind. These are the people that protect your lives day in and day out! If you need more information,Email Me or visit the Facebook page and contact us through that method.

Here is the letter from the Kane County SWAT Team:

Kane County S.W.A.T is a 29 member team that consists of 25 officers, 2 paramedics, a Physician Assistant and a Physician. It became a multi-jurisdictional team in 2006 with members from the Kane County Sheriff Office, St. Charles, Geneva, South Elgin, North Aurora, Campton Hills and West Dundee.

Being a part of this team requires additional time away from home in addition to their current duties at their respective departments. Similar to belonging to a sports team, these highly trained men have a true passion for their work and train very hard to protect the communities that they serve. They attend training days, special classes, and special events. This allows them to focus training and be better prepared to protect our community.

However, the cost of training and special equipment exceeds what our local departments can handle. The team is currently supported by private fundraisers that account for approximately  50-75% of its operating funds with supporters like you.

The team has recently acquired a Mamba armored vehicle at no charge from the US military. The Mamba is a South African armored personnel carrier that offers protection against small arms fire and land mines. The vehicle is suited for rough terrain and can carry up to 10 passengers plus the driver. The vehicles were originally supplied to the United States Military to be given to a civilian contractor, Parsons, which was under contract to the military between 2004 and 2010 to undertake mine clearing operations. The original purchase price of this vehicle was close to $400,000.

The condition of the vehicle we received was rough at best but the armor was perfectly usable. This year we will be raising funds to restore this vehicle. It will be a great addition to the team, offering the team member protection when they are going into harm’s way.

We are currently planning our first fundraising campaign, Project Armor Up 2013, hosted by Kane County S.W.A.T. and Global Priority Clean-up.   The Benefit Dinner will be Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 and the success of this event will be depend on our ability to acquire items and services to offer for silent and live auctions.   We greatly need and would appreciate your help.  Your donation of monetary assistance, items, and/or services will be tax deductible, according to the provision of the IRS, and a receipt will be provided for your records.