In case you haven’t checked out our portfolio yet, now is a good chance to get a glimpse at some of the work we have performed. Since Hanson provides many types of services on different types of properties, we will break it down into categories for you.

Commercial Landscaping

portfolio 1portfolio 2

Here are a few examples of the commercial landscaping work we have performed throughout the years. In particular, what you see here are landscaping features such as flowers and mulch.

Residential Landscaping


Here are a couple examples of residential landscaping projects we have performed. Reminder, we do not do landscape maintenance on residential properties, but we do perform landscaping feature projects and things of the sort.

Landscape Maintenance

landscape maintenanceOffice

Here are a couple examples of some properties that Hanson Landscape maintains yearly. On the right is an example of lawn maintenance performed on Hanson’s office building. The picture was taken of the back lot as you can see the forest in the background.

Lighting and Nightscapes

nightscape 2nightscape 3

These are a couple examples of nightscapes and lighting features that Hanson has completed in the past. They certainly add appeal to both properties!

Water Features

nightscape 1feature3

To end with, here are some water features that Hanson has helped create. Both of these waterfalls look great and definitely complete the landscaping scene of each property. We also offer other water features such as fountains that you can see by looking through our complete portfolio.