Seeing as there is a fairly dry and hot week coming up in our service region, it is only fitting that we share tips for lawn mowing tips for dry weather such as when there has been a lack of rain for some time, as it has been recently. The first and foremost suggestion to be made is to be sure to mow your lawn, even if it does not seem to be growing much. You may think you do not need to mow your lawn because it is not growing like it was in the spring, but not mowing leads to clumpy and uneven grass.


Since the grass is likely not as lush and clean cut as in the rainy season, be sure to sharpen your mower blades often to get the cleanest cut possible. Additionally, you should keep the mower blades level to get a nice even cut on the grass. You should also set the mower blades to a higher height to avoid cutting too deep into the grass as this damage could be permanent for the season. Another thing you should avoid is bagging the grass clippings as they can help keep in any moisture that exists in the grass.

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