The term “landscaping maintenance” can lead one to believe it includes a number of different services, but is a fairly vague term. Here at Hanson Landscape, our landscaping maintenance services include mowing, pruning, tree removal, edging, cultivation, fertilization, and broadleaf application. While a few of these terms are obvious landscaping terms that most people know about, such as mowing and tree removal, many people do not truly know what the other services entail.

Pruning is the fairly common and well-known service of removing parts of a plant such as limbs, roots and other parts. It is performed for reasons such as keeping plant health, reducing falling branch risks, and removing dead or diseased portions of the plant, as well as other reasons. Another service that Hanson performs in their landscaping maintenance services often is edging. Edging is simply creating an edge around a desired area using tools such as a spade or edger. This is done to draw the line between your landscaping features and other things such as your lawn. Generally mulch or topsoil is placed inside the edged area to add visual appeal to the landscaping features.

Cultivation is the preparation of the ground to promote the growth of plants. It also involves tending, improving, and harvesting crops or plants if this is necessary. Fertilization is another common term and very well-known procedure of either spreading or spraying fertilizer to keep grass healthy and weeds from growing. This is a very important process for your lawn since there are a multitude of problems that can arise from unhealthy grass. The last landscape maintenance job type that Hanson performs is broadleaf application. This goes hand in hand with fertilization as it is essentially a control process for getting rid of weeds. It involves broadleaf herbicides that spread to the plants roots and result in the death of weeds.

For an overall view of all of the services Hanson Landscape offers as well as a full coverage of the landscape maintenance services, visit our services page and the rest of our site as well.