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Residential Landscape Design

Although we do not offer landscape maintenance services for residential properties here at Hanson Landscape, we have performed many different types of residential landscape design projects. As we have alluded to in past posts, Hanson Landscape offers services for residential landscape design for properties such as brick pavers, patios, retaining walls, water features, lighting, and [...]

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Snow Removal

Although it is only August, it is a perfect time to begin considering snow removal needs. It is always a good idea to keep ahead of schedule for the brutal winters of Illinois, and this is the main reason we keep in touch with all of our snow removal customers. Some other reasons for considering [...]

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August Landscape Checklist

Here is the landscaping checklist for August provided once again by Autumn Tree: Keep fruit trees nourished and watered Cut back old brambles when plants finish bearing fruits and vegetables Order your tree, shrub, perennial and build stocks for fall planting Sow perennials and biennials for blooming next year Schedule pruning for hazard reduction As [...]

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Grubs and Their Effects

Grubs are an unpleasant occurrence every year for anybody with grass on their property. Grubs are larvae from beetles that usually lay eggs twice a year in the between spring and late summer. Upon hatching, the grubs begin eating at the roots of grass until they have matured. Typical signs of grubs existing in grass [...]

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Customer Service and Taking the Extra Steps

Here at Hanson Landscape, we are continually striving to go above and beyond customer expectations. Our customers are the most important feature of our business and we do not take this for granted. Due to the fact that we are always trying to improve, we came across an article from the NAAHQ written by Mary [...]

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Lawn Mowing Tips for Dry Weather

Seeing as there is a fairly dry and hot week coming up in our service region, it is only fitting that we share tips for lawn mowing tips for dry weather such as when there has been a lack of rain for some time, as it has been recently. The first and foremost suggestion to [...]

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Around the Office

Many people don't know that our office is located in a wooded area in Big Rock, IL. Since we are in this area, we just wanted to share a few pictures of what we see out of our office window on a weekly basis. Here is a photo of the lawn a day or two [...]

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July Landscaping Calendar

Continuing along with our landscaping calendar from Autumn Tree, here is the landscaping schedule for the month of July. Perform hand pruning on spring flowering shrubs to maintain shape and stimulate growth Weed your garden regularly Prune roses for the second bloom Treat stressed plants for the heat Water lawns once or twice a week [...]

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Portfolio of Work

In case you haven't checked out our portfolio yet, now is a good chance to get a glimpse at some of the work we have performed. Since Hanson provides many types of services on different types of properties, we will break it down into categories for you. Commercial Landscaping Here are a few examples of [...]

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Project Armor Up 2013

Below is a description of Project Armor Up 2013 given through the Kane County SWAT Team. Our affiliate company, Global Priority Cleanup, is helping to host the fundraising event to repair their newly acquired, but damaged SWAT vehicle. Please consider helping out the SWAT Team through a donation of any kind. These are the people [...]

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